Agata Stępień
Agata Stępień was born in Łódź on 25 July 1969. Between 1992 and 1997 she studied at the Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts Łódź. She created her diploma work in Prof. Krystyna Górska’s Decorative Textile Studio, Prof. Andrzej Smoczyński’s Screen-printing Studio and Prof. Tadeusz Śliwiński’s Drawing and Painting Studio, and graduated with honours in 1998. From 1997 she worked at the Strzemiński Academy in Prof. Andrzej Smoczyński’s Screen-printing Studio in the Department of Printmaking at the Faulty of Graphics and Painting. In 2011 she became the head of the Screen-printing Studio in the Department of Graphic Art. Her main fields of interest are graphic art, drawing, sculpture and textile art. Since 1996 she has participated in over 100 group exhibitions and has organised 16 solo exhibitions. She has been granted the following awards and honourable mentions: Award of the Board of the Łódź Branch of the Polish Academy of Sciences in the field of art for her artistic achievements (2006), the award of the Rector of the Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts Łódź for outstanding artistic and organizational achievements (2004), Main Award of the Rector of the Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts Łódź in the 15th Strzemiński Competition, scholarship of the Minister of Culture and Art in 1997. the 2nd degree, she supervised the Realization and Experimental Print Studio. Currently she is the Head of the Textile Print Studio. The studio educates students – designers in the field of textile print design. Since 2012 Professor Czajkowska has been the Head og the Department of Textile Print. Her artistic activity is focused on the field of textile art, especially on artistic printed textile. She has participated in numerous exhibitions in Poland and abroad, in such countries as France, Denmark, Germany, Slovakia and Great Britain. She has participated in several editions of the Polish Exhibition of Unique Textile which is a sattellite event of the International Triennial of Tapestry in Łódź. She took part in such exhibitions as the 2nd Polish Painting and Unique Textile Biennial in Gdynia, Triennial of Textile in the P.M. Bohun Gallery, Liptoysky Mikulas, Slovakia and "Polsk Kunst", the Enna Gallery, Nakskoy, Denmark.

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