Hiromi Inayoshi
Hiromi Inayoshi is a designer of a world renown, an expert in the field of creating signs and logotypes.
The artist developed his own style in the area of design, logotypes and CI (Corporate Identity). He is the author of many visual identifications of various companies and organizations. He was granted the title of the most outstanding CI designer in 1994 along with Lanodor Associates. In 1999 he created a new field of art - a personal mark – a person’s individual logotype. He is the author of personal marks of such public figures as the King of Thailand, the Sultan of Brunei, the 14th Dalai Lama, the Nobel Peace Laureate of 2006 - Prof. Muhammad Yunus, heads of state, presidents, actors, musicians, artists and many more. Many of the personal marks have been used in woodcuts, sculptures and jewellery, thus creating contemporary, unique works of art. Since 1996 he has been creating social design, social art and CI renaissance community. He is the author of visual identity (NI - national identity) of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. He supported the United Nations with his designs and was a sponsor of the organization’s initiatives, e.g. the UN Successful Ageing project. His exhibition was presented in the UN seat as a symbol of philanthropy.
Hiromi Inayoshi is a two-time winner of the gold medal of ADC in New York, an organization which granted him the highest awards for outstanding achievements on many occasions. The artist was granted the award of ADC in Tokyo, the main prize of the Japan Typography Association for visual identification, an award for a design of a Show Room during the Commercial Space Design Japan exhibition, the main award of the Japan Advertising Photographers' Association, an award of International CI Design and over 100 other awards and honourable mentions in the field of design.
He is the initiator and organizer of the international competition ‘CI Design Social Contest’, whose aim is to educate next generations and which takes place in various countries. He is the organizer of the event entitled ‘The World’s Biggest Painting 2020’ whose aim is to unite the world through children’s drawings. Other global projects run by Hiromi Inayoshi include: ‘Picture Book Without Pictures’, whose aim is to create a world without wars and nuclear weapons and the global charity campaign Love Earth Love Children. The artist who devotes his life to spreading peace through art and beauty is widely known as an innovator in the fields of design and as a peace activist.
Master Inayoshi has participated in many international poster and graphic design exhibitions including New York ADC Advertising Poster Section, Tokyo ADC Prize, Lahti Poster Biennale, Poster Biennale in Warsaw, Bruno Design Biennale, International CI Design Excellence Award.
Since 2013 he has cooperated with the Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts Łódź conducting various workshops and lectures for students. He designed the logotype of the Fashion Promotion Centre, a unit of the Academy.

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