PATA 2018 - FAQ
Programme and regulations of PATA 2018
Programme and regulations of PATA 2018


Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts Łódź
Faculty of Graphics and Painting
Faculty of Textile and Fashion
Faculty of Visual Arts

In cooperation with:

KAUS Urbino International Art Centre
International Print Triennial Society in Cracow
City Art Gallery in Łódź
Book Art Museum in Łódź
Academy of Music in Łódź
PATA NETWORK: Atelier Empreinte - Luxembourg
Galleria Arte e Pensieri - Rome, Italy
Stamperia del Tevere - Rome, Italy
The Comprehensive College of Akureyri in Island
Fundación Ace para el Arte Contemporáneo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Artistic and organizational coordination: Giuliano Santini
Alicja Habisiak-Matczak

Textile courses consultant: Izabela Walczak
PATA Office: Dagmara Sokołowska-Noskowska
Translation: Magdalena Maciaszczyk


The classes will take place on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. In total each single course comprises 90 didactic hours. The course includes an exhibition of created works and an official presentation of completion certificates.

Special visits and presentations in such cultural institutions as the Central Museum of Textiles with its Papermaker’s Gallery, the Contemporary Art Museum in Lodz, the City Art Gallery, the Book Art Museum or the Film Museum will be organized for course participants. At the end of each session a completion certificate of a given course will be issued.

The minimum number of participants in each course is 7. If this number is not reached a course may be cancelled. The maximum number of participants in each course is 15, with the exception of graphic techniques courses were the maximum number is 20. If the number of submitted applications exceeds the number of places available, the scientific committee will select participants on the basis of their CVs and artistic portfolios.

Participants are kindly asked to indicate the second choice of course in case the chosen course is cancelled for the reason of small number of registered participants or as a consequence of reaching the maximum number. The detailed regulations of application and participation will be published on the websites: and Any possible changes to the regulations will be published on the above mentioned websites.

    Course participants will be provided with:
  • free bus transport from the Chopin Airport in Warsaw to the Student Hall of Residence in Łódź – available for participants who plan their arrival a day before the beginning of the courses
  • accommodation in the Student Hall of Residence of the Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts Łódź on preferential terms;
  • organization of an exhibition FINAL SHOW presenting their works at the Academy promoted in television, press and on the radio; participants will also receive a poster of the event
  • a possibility to make digital prints in the Printroom of the Academy on preferential terms
  • PATA bags – depending on their availability.
    Course participants will have access to:
  • the modern library of the Academy,
  • a computer room equipped with graphic design software and Internet access;
  • WiFi in the Academy buildings;
  • the Academy cafeteria which will be open especially on the occasion of the courses and will serve affordable meals.

International Summer Courses PATA belong to a non - formal type of education. Course participants receive a certificate confirming acquired knowledge, skills and competences along with a number of ECTS points, which reflects the actual working time. Each single course comprises 90 didactic hours (3 ECTS points).


TOTAL COST OF THE COURSE (A+B) 470 Euro (including registration fee and full fee)


Each course 100 Euro

The registration fee can only be returned if the scientific committee rejects the application or if a single course is cancelled.
The registration fee /A/ should be covered in EURO or PLN by a bank transfer to the bank account of the Academy of Fine Arts Łódź by June 30, 2018.

Bank name: Bank BGK
Recipient’s name: Akademia Sztuk Pięknych im. Władysława Strzemińskiego w Łodzi
Recipient’s address: ul. Wojska Polskiego 121, 91-726 Łódź
Account number: 96 1130 1163 0014 7148 7820 0041
IBAN: PL 96 1130 1163 0014 7148 7820 0041
Designation: „Course number…, name and surname


Each course: 370 Euro

he total amount includes the technical support of the studios and the costs of the materials used (paper, ink, yarns, cotton, wool, polyester, solvents etc.) with the exception of the printmaking plate costs and the costs of unconventional textile materials.
Full fee /B/ - should be paid by bank transfer to the bank account of the Academy of Fine Arts Łódź a week before the start of the chosen course at the latest or it may be paid before together with the registration fee.


The application deadline for the courses is June 30, 2018 (the deadline refers to the post stamp) and may be extended until all places have been filled.
The application should be made by sending the application form via e-mail to

From January 1st, 2018 it will be possible to register directly through the website It is required to send a CV and documentation of the artistic output along with the application form.


The accommodation request should be filled out and sent along with the course application form.
During the Summer Courses participants may be accommodated in the Student Hall of Residence of the Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts Łódź (Dom Studenta/Student Hall of Residence Łódź, 42 A Młynarska street). The Student Hall of Residence offers apartments which consist of single and double rooms sharing a bathroom and a kitchen. Additionally the participants will have access to a common dining room with kitchen and to a laundry. It will also be possible to continue artistic work in a common studio.


Single room: 14 Euro per person/night
Double room: 9 Euro per person/night

The total accommodation fee should be paid by bank transfer together with the full course fee to the bank account of the Academy of Fine Arts Łódź no later than a week before the beginning of the chosen course. Please add “Accommodation” in the designation of the transfer.


Akademia Sztuk Pięknych
im. Wł. Strzemińskiego
w Łodzi

International Art Centre KAUS Urbino


Stowarzyszenie Międzynarodowe Triennale Grafiki w Krakowie

Miejska Galeria Sztuki w Łodzi

Muzeum Książki Artystycznej w Łodzi

Muzeum Sztuki w Łodzi


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